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No longer must you suffer through listening to a single ringtone every time you get a phone call or text message! Expand your realities by shuffling playlists of ringtones for both calls and texts; Keeping your phone as wild and lively as you are!!!

-Set up Ringtone Shuffling for both Calls and Texts
-Nice clean UI; Makes creating your playlists very EASY.
-Fast! Put your playlists together and forget it.
-Backing up multiple playlists. Allows for quick switching of lists
-Quickly view, edit, and listen to songs of playlists that have already been created
-Shuffle by call/text or hourly
-Turn on or off at any time

It is the best looking ShuffleTone; The fastest ShuffleTone; Easiest to use ShuffleTone that has ever been created!

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