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ShuffleTone Release Notes
Version 3.0.2
Addressing all the woes I've got so far

-You can now restore all ShuffleTone 2.0 playlists, through the Backup/Restore menu. This wasn't easy to do, but I believe it should work as perfect as it possible, with the level of difference in the files

-Media scanner runs when app starts

-Shuffles right when you restore in backup menu

-DRM files play till they are finished, in Filebrowser

-Bug fix for Filebrowser
Version 3.0.1
-Small bug fix with the filebrowser for ringtones with incompletele information
Version 3.0
Where do I start?

-New GUI!!! Not perfect, but it's clean and smooth. I really dig the grayscale use that I've used...Hopefully all of you will too!

-New shuffle system...FAST!!!

-Multi-Threaded :D Takes advantage of Android's messaging system.

-Fixed the issue where texts would stop Shuffling

-Browser is way easier to use. Fast and reliable

-Capability of viewing a playlist, whether it is one that is backed up, one that you are currently creating, or the currently used Text/Call playlist. Allows editing and listening of ringtones that are inside.

There is so much more to this update but this is the highlights!! Go check it out!
Version 2.0.1
-Fixed the freezing issue that was showing up in the play button. I was using the wrong type of time handler that caused basically sent a message every nanosecond which froze the phone.

-Put a bandage on a looping issue with .ogg files...still unresolved but this will work for now. I can't find where this is even documented as an issue but it is definitely there.

-Looking into an issue with the riingtone \stopping\ that several of you have reported. I think I know what it is, but I haven't had time to work on it yet because of school and my teaching job...I'm still trying to get organized :)

I have some time tomorrow night so hopefully that will be up tomorrow :)
Version 2.0
Yay!! ShuffleTone 2.0 is officially 1 week old, and I am ripping off its BETA signiture! It has come along way in this one week, thanks to everyone who has spent the time to email me with the problems they have, and with their suggestions...you guys are the reason that everything has moved so fast and have made a much better product out of what I had original posted, Thanks!

-Donations. I've added a way to for you guys to give back without me forcing fees down peoples throats. Click MENU and Donate, and you will be brought to a page that explains the donation. Read it(as you always should with documents like these),
press the big Donate button on the right to donate.
-Added a way to sort by duration. Now you can sort your list in the file browser by how long the song is. It'll make it easier to grab those small sound bytes that are scattered all over your card :)