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Alright, here's the official mumbo jumbo:

-All donations go directly to me as "gifts". I withhold no responsibility on where the money goes once it reaches my pocket, but I guarantee that I will not spend the donation money on petty things, such as world domination, or wild fields hampering the lives of pet goats.

-No refunds after transaction has "Completed." Not because it's not possible, but because I don't actually know how to do it(nor do I want to learn).

-Donations to DizWARE are NOT tax write-offs. I will claim, at the end of the year, all income made through this system, but I really don't want to deal with the hassle of an audit from the IRS. The reason they are not write-offs is because they are "gifts", which is only tax-applicable if it is over a certain amount. Once again, donations to DizWARE are NOT tax write-offs, so please don't try it!

Donations are HIGHLY APPRECIATED, but you are not required to make them. I have made a promise to keep my current work free, and rapidly bring you the best software I personally can. I keep things free, functional, and professional for you guys...this is just a simply way for you to give back :)